2018 Wilderness Marathons

In 2018 our own Bryan Hurlbutt will be tackling big goals to run a marathon a month, see more of his great state of Idaho and stay fit without feeling the pressure to race. Sound like fun? ¬†Join the Billies to get on board with this adventure. Here’s what Bryan says about the Wilderness Marathon goal:

I plan to run a marathon a month in each of Idaho’s designated wilderness areas. These are not races–just adventures. Ideally, they are single track loops or point-to-point runs entirely within the wilderness. But in reality, some will likely end up being out and back, and some will be mostly on dirt roads adjacent to the wilderness (at least during the cold wintery months).

Technically, there are 15 wilderness areas in Idaho, but some of the ones in the Owyhees are small and near each other and can be grouped together in one run, making a dozen. Here’s what I’m thinking for my schedule. Would love to have anyone join me. Some will be day trips from Boise, some I’ll camp at the trailhead solo, and some may be part of family camping trips:

January 27 or 28: Big & Little Jacks Creek Wildernesses (owyhee dessert) (day trip from boise)

Late February: Hells Canyon Wilderness (ID/OR border, will run at low elevation along Snake River) (day trip from boise)

March 17 Weekend: Selway Wilderness (north central idaho; will run the low elevation part of the wilderness along lower selway river) (farthest drive, so probably requires a full weekend…Maybe Billies spring training weekend?!)

Mid April: N. Fork Owyhee and Pole Creek Wildernesses (owyhee dessert) (day trip from Boise)

May: Craters of the Moon Wilderness (SE of ketchum; mid elevation…running on lava rocks…) (hopefully a family camping trip)

June: Hemingway/Jerry Peak Wilderness (mountains and high dessert northeast of ketchum)

July 14 or 15: Frank Church Wilderness (central idaho) (hoping to visit the Bighorn Crags, so this would be near Salmon/Challis up pretty high) (family will be camping in the area this weekend to cheer on a bunch of Betties running the beaverhead endurance run)

August: White Cloud Wilderness (high mountains southeast of stanley)

September: Sawtooth Wilderness (high mountains southwest of stanley) (maybe part of a labor day family camping trip)

Early October: Boulder Wilderness (high mountains north of Ketchum)

Early November: Gospel Hump Wilderness (mountains in north central idaho, east of Riggins) (pretty far away, so maybe requires full weekend).

Early December: Bruneau/Jarbidge Wilderness (owyhee dessert) (day trip from Boise)



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