Coach’s Notes, Jan 15, 2018

I LOVE self-help. self-improvement, self-optimization books.  Am I any better because of them, unlikely?  Still, I am constantly in search of that next approach to make life incrementally better. In this New Yorker piece, Alexandra Schwartz takes aim at the self-help industry.  It’s a great (but long read).  My take away.  Do things that don’t necessarily lead to optimizing life every once in a while.  There is nothing wrong with a pleasurable movie, walk (or run), or book to read that has no measurable effect on productivity.
Science for the Week:
Effects of Strength Training on the Physiological Determinants of Middle- and Long-Distance Running Performance: A Systematic Review.
We had this discussion a few weeks ago about the benefits of strength training for distance runners.  Well this meta-review looks at what 24 different studies found.  On average you can expect a 2-8% increase in running economy (good no matter what distance you are racing) and improved time trial performances (1.5-2%).  The strength training protocols included heavy resistance training, explosive resistance training, or plyometric training which lasted ≥ 4 weeks.  So get started on those strength workouts to capture the benefits come March, April, and May.

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